Merchantman Class - Armed Freighter- 152m

Polygon Count: 5,175/4,187 - Updated: February 2nd, 2007

Alternate Version (No Turrets):


Orion Pirates

Vagabond Class - Heavy Cruiser - 330m

Polygon Count: 8,654 - Updated: December 23rd, 2008


Orion Pirates

Vandal Class - Destroyer - 183m

Polygon Count: 4,660 - Updated: November 1st, 2009


Interstellar Concordium

Enforcer Class - Heavy Cruiser - 465m

Polygon Count: 3,288 - Updated: May 6th, 2005


Interstellar Concordium

Inquisitor Class - Light Cruiser - 338m

Polygon Count: 3,022 - Updated: May 7th, 2005


Interstellar Concordium

Guardian Class - Destroyer - 229m

Polygon Count: 2,516 - Updated: May 12th, 2005


Cardassian Union

Kalon Class - Battlecruiser - 618m

Polygon Count: 3,094 - Updated: May 11th, 2004

Also Available for:

Bridge Commander Conversion by Zambie Zan

Updated: April 6th, 2006


Tholian Assembly

Spinel Class - Destroyer - 105m

Polygon Count: 884 - Updated: April 15th, 2004


House of Korgath (Crimson Shadow)

K'tinga Class - Heavy Cruiser - 214m

Polygon Count: 3,990 - Updated: September 18th, 2005


Battlestar Galactica - The Twelve Colonies

Medusa Class - Battlestar - 1,468m

Polygon Count: 8,734 - Updated: December 23rd, 2006


Star Wars - Galactic Empire

Imperator Class MK II - Star Destroyer

Polygon Count: 5,380 - Updated: May 6th, 2004


Star Wars - Galactic Republic/Galactic Empire/Rebel AllianceStar Wars - Galactic Republic/Galactic Empire/Rebel Alliance

Dreadnought Class - Heavy Cruiser

Polygon Count: 2,772 - Updated: July 14th, 2005


Star Wars

YT-2400 - Freighter

Polygon Count: 4,891 - Updated: July 16th, 2005


Star Wars - Galactic Empire

TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor - Starfighters

Polygon Count: 748/1,112 - Updated: August 29th, 2004

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