This site is almost old enough to drink...


DRS has been around for 15 years now and to commemorate, I have redesigned the site and refined some of the webpages.

Here's to another 15!



In honor of Star Trek's 50th, I'm posting a few renders of my hi-res Akula Refit,

one of my all time favorites from the golden days of Starfleet Command and Klingon Academy:




Another holiday season is upon us, which calls for a new ship release. The Atolm-Designed Romulan Strikehawk:




A favorite of mine for a long time, the Akula class has been completely remade. Thanks to Atolm for the warp engine design:




Welcome to the new DemonRenegadeStudios.com! That's right, we now have our very own domain and hosting.

As such, the entire site has been redesigned and overhauled from the ground up, making this DRS 8.0.

I'd like to thank the guys at Battleclinic for providing a home for DRS these past few years but I felt it was time to move out of

the apartment and buy a house, as it were.

I would also like to welcome everyone's favorite designer, Atolm, aboard as a full-fledged member of the site.

He's been an indispensable source of inspiration, designs and input since the early days so it is only fitting that he

share in the credit (and blame) for making DRS what it is...and what it will be.

So, all that said, take a look around, update your bookmarks, and keep an eye out for more of what DRS is known for:

Quality starships for one of the best games out there: Starfleet Command!




The first ship of the year is a fighter designed by Atolm: The Federation Coyote Class Interceptor in 2 variants and 3 color schemes:



As a means of providing a direct source for feedback, I have started a thread at DRS Forums

where everyone is encouraged to post whatever questions, comments, criticisms and suggestions they may have.

DRS Q&A Center




Another Klingon Khristmas is upon us with the new Atolm-Designed G2 Stalwart Class:




A sidekick to last year's Orion Vagabond class, the new Atolm-Designed Vandal Class Destroyer is now online.




A new take on an old classic, the Romulan Stormbird Heavy Cruiser has been overhauled based on Atolm's designs:



Halfway into the year and I finally get a ship posted - the Atolm-designed Resolute Class, a precursor to the Constitution:


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